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Will + Madi

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The Wedding Party: The House Party

July 7, 2012

Having a House Party is a old tradition unique to the deep South, in which the bride asks women to participate in the wedding in a signficant way other than being a bridesmaid. These ladies are incredibly special to the couple and are vital to the wedding ceremonies. Not only do they ensure that all the details of the wedding are “pulled together”, but each member of our House Party will be playing a special role in our ceremony or reception.

Miss Kim Ramirez, Wedding Planner

Everything about Kim is full of life. She contains within her a passion that is so incredibly vivid that each time I am with her, it’s like changing from black & white to color. Kim is strong and passionate and determined, always moving and always reaching: touching the hearts of others and arching upward toward God. And she is an incredible friend… the kind of friend who remembers birthdays and writes encouraging notes and is always there when you need her. She loves to laugh. She loves to run. She loves to sing country music out loud in the car. She loves. Thank you, “my dear Kim”, for reminding me that I am called to live a wild and precious life. I am so grateful that I have yours as an example.

Mrs. Kristiana Miller, Lady of the Rings

Kristiana’s and my friendship began serendipitously, blooming our freshman year out of studying for history tests and exploring the streets of Santa Barbara and eating vast amounts of chocolate cake in between. And since then, I’ve discovered that in those moments I found a true kindred spirit, the kind of friend who comes along only once in a lifetime. K is a beautiful and joyous human being. She has an unwavering enthusiasm for people— for talking to them, learning about them, serving them— and a gentle spirit that instantly puts those around her at ease. She is a learner, an optimist, and a missionary in the truest sense of the word. You continuously amaze me, K, with both your lovely heart and your incredible mind. It has truly been both an honor and a delight to be a part of your world.


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