Will + Madi

Will + Madi

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The Wedding Party: The Guys

July 7, 2012

Meet the awesome men.

Mr. Tucker Middlebrook, my Best Man

Tucker is one amazing guy. On the surface, we are pretty different, but ever since we were little, Tucker and I have just meshed in some inexplicable way. We grew up best friends and to this day, we’ll start talking or laughing about something, and to outside observers, it’s like we are in our own world. When we’re in the same place, adventure and craziness abound… like last summer, when we climbed a mountain in Colorado and then ran all the way down it, straight into town for pizza. Tucker is deep and has a tender heart for the Lord. He is a decisive leader and a thoughtful, inventive, and intelligent person. When we’re together, he teaches me that it is possible to engage with the world without getting mired in it and still have fun. There is no doubt in my mind that wherever Tucker goes and whatever he does in the future, it is going to be great not only for him, but for those around him as well.

Mr. Jonathan Mitchell

Jon and I met our freshman year at Westmont as roommates, where numerous late-night talks about classes, girls, and life in general cemented our friendship for good. Four years and three thousand miles later, Jon is still one of my best friends. I admire him in a ton of ways: Jon is smart and ingenuitive and is a bold risk-taker. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up starting a business (or two!) or invents something world-changing in the future. Unlike most people, Jon also tells the truth, and in my experience, will say you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want. His intuition and candor makes him the kind of person who challenges those around them to grow. He makes many friends, but also wisely takes time to invest deeply in a few of them. In short, Jon is a great friend and great man, the kind of man who will one day move mountains.

Mr. Jonathan Kinczyk

Jon and I are both transfers to Wheaton College, arriving together in 2009 (my sophmore year and his junior one). Soon after classes started, Jon opened his house to the other transfers… it didn’t long for it to basically become my hub. The next three years were full of time spent playing ultimate frisbee, watching movies, getting stuck in blizzards, and just being crazy with him and his girlfriend/ fiance/ wife Mallory. In offering his home for us to hang out and in a ton of other ways, Jon is super generous. He really loves the Lord and puts his whole heart into serving Him, ministering to others with his time, energy, and money. Jon cares about how you are doing and will work to help make things better for you, even when he has nothing to gain. He has a passion for all things living (especially the variety that grows…and especially succlulents), loves life, and has life in him. Jon’s example is a powerful one and his friendship is a huge blessing to me. I am so glad that we both decided to transfer.

Mr. Hunter Robertson

Hunter and I were born exactly thirteen months & nineteen days apart from each other. I cannot remember a time in my life when he wasn’t there, making mud pies or jumping on the trampoline or playing his music in the bedroom next to me. And in all that time, I’ve always admired Hunter, for his charisma and intelligence and surprising generosity. He knows when to let things go and when to fight for what he believes. He knows when to rest and when to work hard. He knows how to make me laugh and how to challenge me to think. And when I look at where his life has taken him— so different from mine and still very much alike— I know more than anything else that he will go far. Brown is just the beginning. I am so proud of you, little brother, in a thousand different ways.


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