Will + Madi

Will + Madi

join us on 06.01.13 for love, laughter, & happily ever after

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Ceremony & Reception Details

July 8, 2012

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting our wedding at Murrells Inlet’s Atalaya Castle in Huntington Beach State Park. This beautiful beachside structure was originally the winter home of the philanthropist Archer Huntington and his wife, sculpter Anna Huntington. It was built in the early 1930s and was eventually leased to the state in 1960… Myrtle Beach residents and vistors have been enjoying the lovely historic building ever since.

Our ceremony will begin at 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 01, 2013, and the reception will last until 10:30 pm.


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It was heartwarming (& brought tears to my eyes) to read Will’s story….while I have met him, I don’t “know” him as I do Madison (never Madi to me….sometimes I think you are more like a child of mine!) Love your story and can’t wait until you begin your next chapter in life together! Love you both, Kay Kay


March 7, 2013

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