Will + Madi

Will + Madi

join us on 06.01.13 for love, laughter, & happily ever after

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The Wedding Party: The Couple

July 8, 2012

Who are we? Some of you may know just one of us, so here it goes.

Mr. Will Middlebrook, Groom

I was born in Dallas, Texas about 22 years ago. I went to high school at Coram Deo Academy and went straight from there to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where I met Madi. Sophmore year, I traded the sand for snow and transferred to Wheaton College, in Wheaton, IL. There, I became a geology major, discovering that I love, and always have loved, gathering clues to the earth’s story. Right now, I am  finishing up some additional science classes and will be applying for graduate school this fall. Ultimately, I hope to study something related to sedimentology and stratigraphy.

I love to cook, especially with good, fresh ingredients and a hot pan, and after a long day, I always fall back on plain penne pasta and a homemade olive oil sauce. I track the box office and I bet you a dollar I can tell you the domestic gross of just about any movie (since 1985 or so =)). I love to write, walk, and think. Listening to music is one of my favorite things in the whole world; between the Beatles or the Stones, I choose the Beatles, every single day. My favorite number is 27, my favorite dish is chicken pot pie, and I say my favorite color is green, though I’m not entirely sure why.

I hope to travel someday, but only with Madi by my side. I have way more questions than answers and sometimes that is frustrating, but I mostly am just glad when I am wondering about the right ones. I know that any achievements I have in this life were only possible due to the amazing friends and family that God placed beside me… my greatest hope is that some day I will pour back into other people in this way. And I believe that life is precious and fragile. I hope to live to be 100 years old, but I know that if I die tomorrow, I want die knowing that I appreciated every day along the way.

Miss Madison Robertson, Bride

I grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, hearing the ocean from my back deck and babysitting the neighborhood kids. From first to tenth grade, my world consisted of my small private school and my community church. Then God spoke and sent me to a public high school, where I went through the International Bacculeareate Diploma program… there, I learned how to write, debate, and look at the world with another person’s perspective. When I was 17, thanks to a well-timed Google search and a few whirlwind decisions, I ended up going to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Over the next four years, I built a life as part of a community, was introduced to plaid and frozen yogurt, almost majored in Cross-Cultural Anthropology, traveled around Thailand, fell in love, and eventually got a BA in Religious Studies. What next? I really don’t know. And I’m actually okay with that.

I love acoustic music, warm blankets, and sweet tea. I think that little children are the happiest thing in this world, because nothing has the ability to make me smile like little hands around my neck or watching a child try to catch bubbles. I’d rather spend my time baking than doing most things. I make lists like it’s nobody’s business and use post-it notes excessively. My favorite books are full of wonder and magic and questions about humanity… and I rate them (and I really do rate them) how much I enjoy them and for what they are, not whether they are worth literary acclaim or will be on bookshelves in 50 years.

Ms. Myers and Ms. Briggs say I’m an INFJ, and I think that they’re pretty much right. I believe that everything and everyone is somehow connected to everything else, forming a incredibly vast and interconnected web. I hold to an old-fashioned idea of responsibility, which means that I do what I said I would do, and I don’t cheat, and I finish a project when I start one. I believe in intuition, and I think that emotions are too complex to be described with one word. And I am incredibly aware of my own imperfection, my own weakness, my own depravity… but thankfully, I believe in a mighty God, a God of sanctification and of forgiveness. He is good, and I will rejoice in Him.


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