Will + Madi

Will + Madi

join us on 06.01.13 for love, laughter, & happily ever after

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The Wedding Party: The Women

July 8, 2012

Meet the incredible ladies.

Miss Courtney Jolly, my Maid of Honor

Tangerine scarves, funfetti cookies, Lost marathons and spilling all of our thoughts, secrets, and feelings onto each other without embarrassment. Together, Courtney and I stumbled and soared through middle school, high school, and college, where she taught me how to know myself and articulate my heart to the world. I have never met someone so willing to dream or so brimming with raw creativity… whether her future holds theatre or mission, a family band or a traveling bookmobile or a tiny coffee shop in a big city, her life is and will be inspired and lovely and bright. Her servant’s heart, readiness to laugh, and indelible love are simply vibrant. My confidante and friend, you have always been my maid of honor.

Miss Brittany Chaco

When I think of Brittany, I think of celebration. I think of music and dancing. I think of skipping class together, of belly laughing, of prayer. And I think of a friend who sees life in terms of how well she can brighten the days of those around her. Britt ministers to others unceasingly, rejoicing in the fact that she is a child of God and wanting them to know the same. In her, I have found the deepest type of lifelong friend. Britt and I truly know each other: we understand and encourage and sharpen the other, often without needing words. After four years of intentional conversations and random adventures, her joy and wisdom have permeated my life. It is because of your advice, Britt, and your sustaining friendship, that I am the person I am today. You have changed me for the good.

Miss Amelia Hobart

Somewhere in between moving in together at the beginning of freshman year and standing side-by-side on our graduation day, Amelia and I developed a connection that can only be described as sisterhood: the kind of frank and raw relationship that results in untold amounts of squabbling and being silly and
standing by each other when the other is everything but loveable. And I could not choose a better sister. Her presence is marked by an open and genuine interest in the people around her, an insistent patience, and a gentle touch. She loves and lives without pretense. And in that, she loves and lives well. I have to thank you, Mil, for becoming my family… you are one of the reasons that I called Westmont home for so long.

Miss Hope Middlebrook

How would I describe Hope? Bubbly, theatrical, and just plain fun. Being around Hope is a delight, because she brightens up every room and every situation. And her joy isn’t superficial: there is depth to her. Not only is she outgoing and good with people, but she is also a keen observer  who takes her relationships and experiences in life to heart. She is super smart, both in intellect (she’s an avid reader and incredible writer) and in other important ways like people skills and intuition. Because of those things, Hope is also a great conversationalist: more and more, I walk away from our talks surprised by her grace and wise insights. Since I’ve been in college, Hope has grown from being a young kid to a respected peer, but she will always be my little sister and friend. You are beautiful inside and out, Hope, and I am so happy and proud to have a sister like you.


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