Will + Madi

Will + Madi

join us on 06.01.13 for love, laughter, & happily ever after

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The Wedding Party: The Couple

July 8, 2012

Who are we? Some of you may know just one of us, so here it goes.

Mr. Will Middlebrook, Groom

I was born in Dallas, Texas about 22 years ago. I went to high school at Coram Deo Academy and went straight from there to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where I met Madi. Sophmore year, I traded the sand for snow and transferred to Wheaton College, in Wheaton, IL. There, I became a geology major, discovering that I love, and always have loved, gathering clues to the earth’s story. Right now, I am  finishing up some additional science classes and will be applying for graduate school this fall. Ultimately, I hope to study something related to sedimentology and stratigraphy.

I love to cook, especially with good, fresh ingredients and a hot pan, and after a long day, I always fall back on plain penne pasta and a homemade olive oil sauce. I track the box office and I bet you a dollar I can tell you the domestic gross of just about any movie (since 1985 or so =)). I love to write, walk, and think. Listening to music is one of my favorite things in the whole world; between the Beatles or the Stones, I choose the Beatles, every single day. My favorite number is 27, my favorite dish is chicken pot pie, and I say my favorite color is green, though I’m not entirely sure why.

I hope to travel someday, but only with Madi by my side. I have way more questions than answers and sometimes that is frustrating, but I mostly am just glad when I am wondering about the right ones. I know that any achievements I have in this life were only possible due to the amazing friends and family that God placed beside me… my greatest hope is that some day I will pour back into other people in this way. And I believe that life is precious and fragile. I hope to live to be 100 years old, but I know that if I die tomorrow, I want die knowing that I appreciated every day along the way.

Miss Madison Robertson, Bride

I grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, hearing the ocean from my back deck and babysitting the neighborhood kids. From first to tenth grade, my world consisted of my small private school and my community church. Then God spoke and sent me to a public high school, where I went through the International Bacculeareate Diploma program… there, I learned how to write, debate, and look at the world with another person’s perspective. When I was 17, thanks to a well-timed Google search and a few whirlwind decisions, I ended up going to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Over the next four years, I built a life as part of a community, was introduced to plaid and frozen yogurt, almost majored in Cross-Cultural Anthropology, traveled around Thailand, fell in love, and eventually got a BA in Religious Studies. What next? I really don’t know. And I’m actually okay with that.

I love acoustic music, warm blankets, and sweet tea. I think that little children are the happiest thing in this world, because nothing has the ability to make me smile like little hands around my neck or watching a child try to catch bubbles. I’d rather spend my time baking than doing most things. I make lists like it’s nobody’s business and use post-it notes excessively. My favorite books are full of wonder and magic and questions about humanity… and I rate them (and I really do rate them) how much I enjoy them and for what they are, not whether they are worth literary acclaim or will be on bookshelves in 50 years.

Ms. Myers and Ms. Briggs say I’m an INFJ, and I think that they’re pretty much right. I believe that everything and everyone is somehow connected to everything else, forming a incredibly vast and interconnected web. I hold to an old-fashioned idea of responsibility, which means that I do what I said I would do, and I don’t cheat, and I finish a project when I start one. I believe in intuition, and I think that emotions are too complex to be described with one word. And I am incredibly aware of my own imperfection, my own weakness, my own depravity… but thankfully, I believe in a mighty God, a God of sanctification and of forgiveness. He is good, and I will rejoice in Him.


The Wedding Party: The Women

July 8, 2012

Meet the incredible ladies.

Miss Courtney Jolly, my Maid of Honor

Tangerine scarves, funfetti cookies, Lost marathons and spilling all of our thoughts, secrets, and feelings onto each other without embarrassment. Together, Courtney and I stumbled and soared through middle school, high school, and college, where she taught me how to know myself and articulate my heart to the world. I have never met someone so willing to dream or so brimming with raw creativity… whether her future holds theatre or mission, a family band or a traveling bookmobile or a tiny coffee shop in a big city, her life is and will be inspired and lovely and bright. Her servant’s heart, readiness to laugh, and indelible love are simply vibrant. My confidante and friend, you have always been my maid of honor.

Miss Brittany Chaco

When I think of Brittany, I think of celebration. I think of music and dancing. I think of skipping class together, of belly laughing, of prayer. And I think of a friend who sees life in terms of how well she can brighten the days of those around her. Britt ministers to others unceasingly, rejoicing in the fact that she is a child of God and wanting them to know the same. In her, I have found the deepest type of lifelong friend. Britt and I truly know each other: we understand and encourage and sharpen the other, often without needing words. After four years of intentional conversations and random adventures, her joy and wisdom have permeated my life. It is because of your advice, Britt, and your sustaining friendship, that I am the person I am today. You have changed me for the good.

Miss Amelia Hobart

Somewhere in between moving in together at the beginning of freshman year and standing side-by-side on our graduation day, Amelia and I developed a connection that can only be described as sisterhood: the kind of frank and raw relationship that results in untold amounts of squabbling and being silly and
standing by each other when the other is everything but loveable. And I could not choose a better sister. Her presence is marked by an open and genuine interest in the people around her, an insistent patience, and a gentle touch. She loves and lives without pretense. And in that, she loves and lives well. I have to thank you, Mil, for becoming my family… you are one of the reasons that I called Westmont home for so long.

Miss Hope Middlebrook

How would I describe Hope? Bubbly, theatrical, and just plain fun. Being around Hope is a delight, because she brightens up every room and every situation. And her joy isn’t superficial: there is depth to her. Not only is she outgoing and good with people, but she is also a keen observer  who takes her relationships and experiences in life to heart. She is super smart, both in intellect (she’s an avid reader and incredible writer) and in other important ways like people skills and intuition. Because of those things, Hope is also a great conversationalist: more and more, I walk away from our talks surprised by her grace and wise insights. Since I’ve been in college, Hope has grown from being a young kid to a respected peer, but she will always be my little sister and friend. You are beautiful inside and out, Hope, and I am so happy and proud to have a sister like you.

The Wedding Party: The Guys

July 7, 2012

Meet the awesome men.

Mr. Tucker Middlebrook, my Best Man

Tucker is one amazing guy. On the surface, we are pretty different, but ever since we were little, Tucker and I have just meshed in some inexplicable way. We grew up best friends and to this day, we’ll start talking or laughing about something, and to outside observers, it’s like we are in our own world. When we’re in the same place, adventure and craziness abound… like last summer, when we climbed a mountain in Colorado and then ran all the way down it, straight into town for pizza. Tucker is deep and has a tender heart for the Lord. He is a decisive leader and a thoughtful, inventive, and intelligent person. When we’re together, he teaches me that it is possible to engage with the world without getting mired in it and still have fun. There is no doubt in my mind that wherever Tucker goes and whatever he does in the future, it is going to be great not only for him, but for those around him as well.

Mr. Jonathan Mitchell

Jon and I met our freshman year at Westmont as roommates, where numerous late-night talks about classes, girls, and life in general cemented our friendship for good. Four years and three thousand miles later, Jon is still one of my best friends. I admire him in a ton of ways: Jon is smart and ingenuitive and is a bold risk-taker. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up starting a business (or two!) or invents something world-changing in the future. Unlike most people, Jon also tells the truth, and in my experience, will say you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want. His intuition and candor makes him the kind of person who challenges those around them to grow. He makes many friends, but also wisely takes time to invest deeply in a few of them. In short, Jon is a great friend and great man, the kind of man who will one day move mountains.

Mr. Jonathan Kinczyk

Jon and I are both transfers to Wheaton College, arriving together in 2009 (my sophmore year and his junior one). Soon after classes started, Jon opened his house to the other transfers… it didn’t long for it to basically become my hub. The next three years were full of time spent playing ultimate frisbee, watching movies, getting stuck in blizzards, and just being crazy with him and his girlfriend/ fiance/ wife Mallory. In offering his home for us to hang out and in a ton of other ways, Jon is super generous. He really loves the Lord and puts his whole heart into serving Him, ministering to others with his time, energy, and money. Jon cares about how you are doing and will work to help make things better for you, even when he has nothing to gain. He has a passion for all things living (especially the variety that grows…and especially succlulents), loves life, and has life in him. Jon’s example is a powerful one and his friendship is a huge blessing to me. I am so glad that we both decided to transfer.

Mr. Hunter Robertson

Hunter and I were born exactly thirteen months & nineteen days apart from each other. I cannot remember a time in my life when he wasn’t there, making mud pies or jumping on the trampoline or playing his music in the bedroom next to me. And in all that time, I’ve always admired Hunter, for his charisma and intelligence and surprising generosity. He knows when to let things go and when to fight for what he believes. He knows when to rest and when to work hard. He knows how to make me laugh and how to challenge me to think. And when I look at where his life has taken him— so different from mine and still very much alike— I know more than anything else that he will go far. Brown is just the beginning. I am so proud of you, little brother, in a thousand different ways.

The Wedding Party: The House Party

July 7, 2012

Having a House Party is a old tradition unique to the deep South, in which the bride asks women to participate in the wedding in a signficant way other than being a bridesmaid. These ladies are incredibly special to the couple and are vital to the wedding ceremonies. Not only do they ensure that all the details of the wedding are “pulled together”, but each member of our House Party will be playing a special role in our ceremony or reception.

Miss Kim Ramirez, Wedding Planner

Everything about Kim is full of life. She contains within her a passion that is so incredibly vivid that each time I am with her, it’s like changing from black & white to color. Kim is strong and passionate and determined, always moving and always reaching: touching the hearts of others and arching upward toward God. And she is an incredible friend… the kind of friend who remembers birthdays and writes encouraging notes and is always there when you need her. She loves to laugh. She loves to run. She loves to sing country music out loud in the car. She loves. Thank you, “my dear Kim”, for reminding me that I am called to live a wild and precious life. I am so grateful that I have yours as an example.

Mrs. Kristiana Miller, Lady of the Rings

Kristiana’s and my friendship began serendipitously, blooming our freshman year out of studying for history tests and exploring the streets of Santa Barbara and eating vast amounts of chocolate cake in between. And since then, I’ve discovered that in those moments I found a true kindred spirit, the kind of friend who comes along only once in a lifetime. K is a beautiful and joyous human being. She has an unwavering enthusiasm for people— for talking to them, learning about them, serving them— and a gentle spirit that instantly puts those around her at ease. She is a learner, an optimist, and a missionary in the truest sense of the word. You continuously amaze me, K, with both your lovely heart and your incredible mind. It has truly been both an honor and a delight to be a part of your world.